Gold, Silver Prices Open Week On Bullish Note

Gold Coins

Gold and silver prices are remaining bullish as they kick off the new week. Gold is poised to open around $2,033 per ounce while silver is holding court at $28.40 per ounce. While gold is just slightly down from its all-time record high of $2,061 attained last week, its buoyant nature lends investors hope that the long-term trends continue upward. Meanwhile, silver maintains steady pace at a multi-year high and rightly leaves many speculators wondering when, not so much if, it will break $30.

Investors are turning to pre-1965 90% silver coins and pre-1933 United States gold coins to store their bullion stocks. These vintage coins offer many advantages, including low numismatic premiums, limited mintages, and a collectible crossover market. American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles are also high on investor wish lists because they offer solid bullion value, are legal-tender coinage, and are backed by the United States government.

Both vintage United States gold and silver coins as well as American Eagle precious metal coinage is highly liquid. And as physical precious metal is in such strong demand right now, many coin dealers and bullion brokers are charging slightly higher premiums than usual. But many speculators aren’t concerned about paying a few bucks over spot — not with the types of overnight gains gold and silver are seeing lately.


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