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Issue Highlights: April 2019

COINage April 2019 • Can you retire on your coins? How Some Specialists Include Gold and Silver Coins in an IRA • Using Bitcoin to buy rare coins: Merchants...

4 Movers & Shakers in Numismatics: Topping $1 Million

By Antoinette Rahn It's that time of year again. I realize if you are a parent or grandparent 'that time of year' could mean, post-holiday...

SS Central America: Inside Story of the Fabled ‘Ship of Gold’

By Donn Pearlman Since the announcement in 1988 of its discovery 7,200 feet below the Atlantic Ocean’s surface, the California Gold Rush sunken treasure of...

Great Collectors, Great Coins, Great Profits: Harold Bareford

Editor's Note: This is one of three esteemed collectors whose collecting prowess is profiled in this series. By Mike Fuljenz Various renowned collectors taken different paths...

Gold as Insurance

By Maurice Rosen The price of gold reached its historic high in 2011: $1,923 per troy ounce. That price was nearly three times where it...

My Two Cents’ Worth: The Weight-ing Game

THE WEIGHT-ING GAME by Ed Reiter It’s official: The Realm of Coins has a new heavyweight champion—with a seven-figure price tag to back its claim to...


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