Monday, July 22, 2019
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Ancient Gold Coin Commands $700,000

Earlier this year, a young metal detectorist came across a small 24-karat gold coin. It recently sold at auction for $700,000. The 1,700-year-old Roman...

Gold Price Jump Has Potential for Gold-Selling Scams, Experts Caution

With the recent, rapid jump in the price of gold, investors should beware of scam artists trying to lure them with urgent claims of...

Gold Rush Treasure ‘Supernova’ Sinks Previous 1857-S $20 Record

An 1857-S double eagle, recovered in 2014 from the fabled S.S. Central America and nicknamed “Supernova” because of its unique natural toning, set a record...

“Common-Date” Gold Type Coins Push Higher

Market Report By Mike Fuljenz Over the last few months, with gold moving up, demand from new and old customers has increased for gold bullion and...

Top 5 ‘Gotta Have’ Coins

By John Albanese In our information technology-based world, the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay predominates. There are probably a few things you...

1885 Trade Dollar Kicks Off Heritage FUN Offerings

With more than 10,000 lots, Heritage Auctions’ sale line-up associated with the Florida United Numismatists Show Jan. 9-14, will present collectors the stuff of dreams.