Stuck At Home Avoiding COVID-19? Here Are 5 Numismatic Activities To Wile The Time Away

Coin Collecting

It looks like many of us will be spending the next couple weeks at home, avoiding mass gatherings and staying home from work or school. What to do? Sure, you could Netflix and chill. Or, you can capitalize on this opportunity to enhance your coin collection! If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely a coin collector. And if you’re a coin collector, your collection could probably stand a little numismatic housekeeping – I know mine certainly could…

Here are five ways to spend some productive time at home with your coin collection:

1. It’s coming up on spring, so why not do a little numismatic spring cleaning? Sell the coins, banknotes, medals, tokens, and sets that no longer interest you. This will help you raise funds to buy the items you really want.

2. Now that you’ve cleaned out the pieces you no longer wish to have in your collection, it’s time to finish the sets you’ve not yet completed. Have a few empty holes in your coin album staring at you? If your coin dealer is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, pay him or her a visit and buy the coins you need to complete a set.

3. Take the extra downtime to learn something new about your favorite coin or series. If you’ve already read all the books in your numismatic library, go to your nearest bookstore or coin shop and pick up something new to digest.

4. Now’s a good time to organize your collection… It may mean moving some coins into a new album or display, or perhaps cataloging everything you have in your collection for insurance purposes.

5. Look through your coins for varieties. Chances are the coins in your collection or even in your pocket change jar feature some interesting anomaly you’ve never noticed before. Maybe you’ll even be the first to discover a particular type of die variety on a given coin. But you won’t know unless you look!

As you can see, there are many ways to turn your time away from work, school, or your usual daily activities into a productive, exciting numismatic experience. Just don’t forget to wash your hands along the way!


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