Stable Silver Prices May Offer Buying Opportunity

Silver Coins

With all the talk about gold prices, it’s important to stay in tune with the silver bullion market, too. And as we’ve seen in recent months, silver — like gold — has been relatively stable. While there are periods of price increases or decreases, the bottom line is that silver has simply not seen a recent, sustained breakout moment (yet). Thus, the time still remains ripe for investors and silver stackers to put away silver coins before prices do increase, which is something we could see any time.

So, what coins remain the most affordable and offer the lowest prices over melt value? A few of the best options include:

  • Pre-1965 90% silver “junk” coins
  • Circulated 1921 Morgan dollars/1922-1923 Peace dollars
  • Common United States modern commemorative silver dollars
  • Cull/supbar-quality American Silver Eagles

You can find these coins at many coin shops. These pieces are generally available at slim margins over silver spot prices and are usually plentiful in quantity. Best of all, buying silver coins over alternatives such as silver bars helps give you an advantage when it comes time to liquidate, as silver coins enjoy excellent crossover appeal with the numismatic market.


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