Is eBay Ending Coin Sales?


There’s been a lot of buzz in numismatic circles lately with coin dealers and coin collectors alike concerned that online auction juggernaut eBay would soon be ending sales of coins and related items on its web platform. The rumors came after some sellers were concerned about eBay’s plan to enter a Managed Payment program in mid-July and their not wanting to conduct business under that model. Many began speculating that the overall plan was for eBay to eventually phase out the sale of coins and currency altogether on the popular online trading forum.

In response, Steve Halupka, who manages the sale of coins, bullion, stamps, and related collectibles on eBay, released this official announcement: “eBay will continue to allow sales of coins, paper money and bullion now and in the future.” He went onto say that “eBay sellers that frequently list in coins, paper money, and bullion will not be required to register for managed payments until these categories are compatible. Until then, there is no action required and sellers can continue to sell on eBay as they do today.”


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