Gold, Silver Prices Holding Their Own into August 2021

Gold and Silver Prices

Another day, another dollar — or two — for gold and silver prices, which amble their way into morning trading today, August 19, 2021, at around $1,790 and $23.45 per ounce, respectively. These prices are up from where they were some days back, but to steal a quote from a famous 1983 Bananarama song, it’s been a cruel, cruel summer for bullion. Gold prices tumbled into the $1600s at one point, way off all-highs from August 2020 of more than $2,050. Silver has also shed its own gains in recent weeks, having flirted with $30 per ounce earlier this year during a tear following a social media frenzy surrounding the white precious metal.

Even still, gold and silver prices have been hanging on as they ride waves of investor anxiety in the stock market and navigate concerns that continued waves of COVID-19 illnesses in this ongoing pandemic will hamper economic recovery. As we’ve already seen, supply-side shortages and staffing shortfalls have prompted inflation, which is also causing consumer trepidation.

This has persuaded many investors to reach toward the safe havens of silver and gold to diversify their portfolios. Things could prove more profitable for bullion investors in the weeks and months ahead if inflation continues or if the strength of the United States dollar erodes. The bottom line? Those who wish to share in the potential investment gains that may lay ahead have a bevy of options at their fingertips, including pre-1933 United States gold, pre-1965 90% silver coins, American Eagle bullion coins, and vintage world coins.


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