CAC-Approved Coins Finish Strong in December 2019


CAC-approved coins fared very well during December auctions, with many examples outperforming other certified coins, according to a report issued by CAC Jan. 8, 2020.

10 Auction Highlights

Of the various strong-performing coin lots, the following 10 CAC-approved examples were highlighted by CAC:

Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions,

An MS-66 grade 1903-S $10 gold coin fetched $6,000 during an auction presented by Heritage Auctions on Dec. 5.

Photo courtesy Legend Rare Coin Auctions,

MS-64 grade 1835 half cent with a ‘Full Red’ (RD) designation sold for $9,987.50 during an auction held Dec. 12 at Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions,

During a Dec. 6 sale through Heritage Auctions, an MS-67 grade 1883 Shield nickel realized $8,400.

Photo courtesy Legend Rare Coin Auctions,

A Proof-68 1941 Walking Liberty half dollar brought $6,462.50 during a sale presented by Legend Auctions on Dec. 12.

Photo courtesy GreatCollections,

An MS-67 grade 1950 Washington quarter sold for $600.75 during a Dec. 22 auction presented by GreatCollections.

Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions,

A Dec. 6 auction through Heritage Auctions saw two MS-66 1885-S Morgan silver dollars cross the auction block successively, with the CAC-approved coin closing at $9,300.

Photo courtesy Legend Rare Auctions,

An MS-65 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent, bearing the ‘Full Red’ (RD) designation, reached $6,462.50 as the gavel fell during a Dec. 12 auction presented by Legend Auctions.

Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions,

As one of two successive lots of 1921 Buffalo nickels with a grade of MS-67 to come before bidders during a Dec. 6 Heritage Auction sale, this example sold for $6,600, which was two and a half times more than the other example that did not have a CAC sticker.

Photo courtesy GreatCollections,

During one of its final sales of 2019, GreatCollections brought to auction an MS-65 1883 dime, which went for $556.88.

Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions,

At the conclusion of Heritage Auctions’ Dec. 6 US Coins Signature Auction, this MS-67 grade 1899-O Morgan silver dollar changed hands for $5,520.

In each of these examples, the CAC-approved coins sold for a minimum of 50% more than the same type of coin with the same grade but certified by firms other than CAC. In some instances, like that of the MS-66 1885-S Morgan silver dollar, the CAC-approved example sold for more than 250% more than other coin examples.

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