COINage Team At 2020 FUN Show

2020 FUN Show

The COINage team was at the 2020 Florida United Numismatists Show in Orlando, Florida! Executive Editor Scott Travers, Advertising Executive Tracy Alvarez, Contributor Maurice Rosen, and Cryptocurrency Editor James Passin, and I were out and about at the show this week. The weather in Orlando was unusually warm, even by Florida standards, with highs in the 80s.

2020 FUN Show
Maurice Rosen (left) and Scott Travers (right) offer wisdom and wit in their popular lecture explaining how gold can be used as a type of economic insurance policy.

Things were also hot on the bourse floor of the Orange County Convention Center, with large crowds busy buying and hobnobbing. Meanwhile,┬áTravers, Rosen, and Passin hosted a standing-room-only lecture on Friday called “Gold As An Insurance Policy.” The event lasted well over an hour and included cameo appearances and talks by Don Kagin of Kagin’s Rare Coins & Currency as well as yours truly.

The message? Quite simple… Gold is going up in value in the years ahead. But as Travers highlighted many times in the presentation, gold is not an investment — it’s an insurance policy, a hedge against inflation and security blanket to protect holders against bad economic times. Rosen made the case that gold could potentially top $10,000 an ounce in the future, as more people desire hard assets during future stock market downturns. And Passin explained that platinum and palladium may prove to be great investments down the road as increasing industrial demands put a squeeze on those precious metals.


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