Bullion Prices Mixed On Economic Reports

Gold Bullion Coins

Gold and silver prices seem a little lost on the morning of July 15, 2021, as regional manufacturing reports from the Federal Reserve reveal mixed news. Gold didn’t respond positively, dropping a couple bucks to $1,825 per ounce after shedding some of its recent gains, while silver perked up a few cents to $26.30. The overall sense one might have about bullion now is that it continues muddling through a series of variegated economic data, which overall is pointing to continued inflation, as a report released yesterday confirms.

Americans are returning to work as stimulus payments begin drying up and employers are incentivizing open positions with promises of sign-on and COVID-vaccination bonuses as well as higher minimum wages. Aggravating supply-chain issues promise to abate as many of these workers return to places such as manufacturing lines. Even still, inflation — much of it caused by interim supply squeezes — persists, and this is persuading many investors to hedge more of their funds into gold and silver. Pre-1933 U.S. gold coins and pre-1965 90% silver coins are two popular choices for investors who are looking to stockpile precious metals. However, high-purity American Eagle gold and silver coins are also performing well with the bullion crowd as accessible, affordable, and trusted options for safeguarding one’s portfolio.


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