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“Thor: Love and Thunder” will be released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in July. What this all means for fans of MCU Superheroes and villains is that there will likely be new heroes to follow, new villains to root against, and lots and lots of movie scenes and memorabilia to enjoy. Coins, silver rounds, and precious metals in various shapes and sizes will only begin to scratch the surface of the demand for everything related to this new feature and to Thor.

Buying “Thor: Love and Thunder” Coins

As with all Marvel licensed products, Marvel will insist that the products spawned from “Thor: Love and Thunder” be true representations of their movie personas. We expect that demand will be strong, dealers will fight for licensed products, and, in the end, the Marvel fans will have tangible treasures representing their favorite Marvel heroes, supervillains and places.

To be on the front lines for “Thor: Love and Thunder” collectibles, online alerts can be the key to successful purchasing. Collectors can create accounts at retailers such as AMPEX and The Crown Mint and elect to receive email notifications and “AlertMe” notices. It’s a good idea to set up one or more Google alerts using the names of new movies or superheroes and the word “coin.” Daily searches on Instagram and Facebook for any new posts about favorite Marvel superheroes for movies can also help identify new product releases.

About Thor Movies

For the very small handful of people who think Thor is only a Norse god, Marvel’s Thor was ‘born’ in 1962 during the Silver Age of Comic Books. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Thor is one of the most popular of all the Avengers superheroes.

This is the fourth feature movie starring the Norse hero. “Thor” and its sequels “Thor: The Dark World “ and “Thor: Ragnarök,” were box office smashes. Will “Thor: Love and Thunder” follow suit and garner fame and fortune for Marvel? What we do know is that this feature will be a truly transformative movie for the superhero.

Thor: Love and Thunder Twists

The very first line in the trailer says it all … “These hands that were once used for Battle, now they are but humble tools for Peace!” Can that possibly be true? How will the Marvel audiences react to seeing their beloved Thor not battling evil and now portrayed as a man of peace who is going on a journey of self-realization? He doesn’t know who he exactly is.

thor-love-and-thunderAs Thor says, “my superhero-ing days are over!” No Marvel fan wants to actually believe that! Will audiences enjoy seeing Thor farming or will they yearn for him to be battling a new supervillain?

If you look at the title “Thor: Love and Thunder,” there are definite clues in that simple title. For example, is the word “love” in the title, meant to convey a possible burgeoning romance between Thor and Jane Foster?

And does the word “thunder” suggest a horrific battle between Thor and Gorr, the God Butcher? Gorr will make his Marvel debut as a supervillain who has sworn to kill all of the gods, which would include Thor. The trailers, of course, leave us pondering these ideas but to get the answers, we must see the movie.

We can only assume that the audience reaction to the new Thor feature movie will be positive and more likely – amazing. MCU has cleverly given us clues, but they also left the rest to our vivid imaginations.

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