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The Evolution of Numismatic Investing

Bob Mertz
Bob Mertz on the job surrounded by a few of his favorite things, Morgan Dollars and Mertz Coins’ Mintage Directory.


Robert “Bob” Mertz started collecting coins in 1955 at the tender age of six. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that he entered the coin industry professionally.

At this time, mentored by Morgan Dollar luminaries John Love and author John Highfill, Bob began purchasing bulk quantities of lustrous white slabbed MS64 and MS65 Morgan Silver Dollars and $20 Double Eagles. He accumulated well over 10,000 of these premium specimens, which he wholesaled to the major dealers of that time.

It’s these long-standing relationships that shape Bob’s experience and excellent reputation within the coin community. At this early point of his career in numismatics, Bob assembled a complete set of lustrous, white slabbed Morgan Dollars all graded MS65 or better, except for the elusive 1901-P, which was in MS63 grade.

Building a Numismatic Portfolio

Most recently, Bob established Mertz Coins and once again began accumulating significant amounts of Morgan Dollars and Double Eagles, plus an assortment of other high-end investment coins, all offered through his company’s Monthly Investment Fund.

Mertz Coins' Monthly Investment Fund
Mertz Coins, located in Austin, Texas, offers a Monthly Investment Fund for investors at all levels.

Mertz Coins’ Monthly Investment Fund offers coin collectors and investors a safe and easy way to build a numismatic portfolio of premium investment coins selected to yield long-term appreciation that can be passed on for generations to come.

Subscribers pick the level of monthly investment they wish to make and Mertz Coins carefully hand-selects monthly lots of high quality coins from its extensive inventory that have already been scrupulously acquired from a number of select sources and suitable for investors’ desired monthly investment amount.

Whereas Mertz Coins strives to provide lustrous gem coins without toning, coins with attractive toning may be included in the monthly mix when deemed appropriate for the client’s numismatic portfolio. All coins are either raw or slabbed. Slabbed coins are certified by either PCGS or NGC. Raw coins are encapsulated in 2”x2” plastic holders in order to preserve and protect them from handling and outside elements.

Easy Access to Mintage Figures

Mertz Coins also publishes the 1792-2019 Pocket Book Directory of Mintage Figures For All General Circulation U.S. Coins, a.k.a Mertz Coins’ Mintage Directory™. This handy publication was born as a result of Bob’s personal need for an easy-to-use reference guide that enabled him to quickly and easily access mintage figures while bouncing around eBay searching and bidding on numerous coin listings.

Graded Morgan Dollars
Stacks upon stacks of graded Morgan Dollars at Mertz Coins.

Bob immediately realized that if such a directory existed and was compact enough to fit into a jacket, shirt, or pants pocket, this book would work wonderfully at conventions and not necessitate the need for carrying around other bulkier publications, while traversing the convention floor.

In addition to the all important general circulation and proof strike mintage figures for the full series of general circulation U.S. coins listed by date and mint mark, Mertz Coins’ Mintage Directory contains an assortment of other vital information, which includes name of the designer, date range for each coin variety, gold, silver, copper, nickel and other metal content, weight, edge details, years and mintmarks, mints and their dates of operation, mint mark legend showing location of mint marks on all coins, varieties for each date when applicable, Bullion Series information, plus, a detailed Table of Contents and full index.

For more information about Mertz Coins, visit or call 512-717-3046.

Mertz Coins 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar
This 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar, graded MS64 by NGC, is a prime example of the type of coins that are included in the monthly offerings of the Mertz Coins’ Investment Fund.


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