Making the Most of It: Fun Ways to Save


Editor’s Note: It’s not easy to make sense of it all, to remain calm and hopeful, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we thought we would share a few ideas readers have mentioned, contributors have discussed, and we’ve discovered in our ongoing search for stimulating activities within the hobby. These recommendations, which we talk about in twice weekly blog posts on our site, center on numismatic-related experiences to explore virtually and simply from the comfort of home.

Do you recall when you first learned about and were encouraged to save money? Whether the lessons came as someone shared with you their interest in coin collecting or as a valuable tradition passed on by family, a devotion to money-savings techniques is an immeasurable practice. 

Stay and Save

With the current stay-at-home orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling is the path parents, students, and educators are on for the foreseeable future. In many cases educating children is part of a daily schedule that, for many, also includes working from home. From what appears in the media and through social media, the juggling act of teaching, monitoring projects, and finding new ways to help children and all family members, entertained and upbeat, is an ongoing process.

To provide parents with a handy and easy-to-understand, educational, and entertaining reference to share with children, the team at recently issued, in recognition of Financial Literacy Month, an interactive workbook to help children learn the importance of saving money. 

Insightful Features

The online, interactive, and printable guide includes:

• 14 pages for creating saving goals, coloring pictures, and calculate among of savings to achieve goals.

• Tips about ways to save money.

• Two interactive financial calculators for determining compound interest and a general budget. 

• A formal certificate of completion. 

To access the guide, visit the site at



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