Gold Prices Still Below $1,800 — Time To Buy Gold?


Gold prices continue bouncing around the $1,750 range on reports of a weak economy struggling to maintain a sense of stability amid the pandemic, social unrest, and geopolitical conflict. There were some indications earlier this week that gold may make a push for $1,800 but that failed to materialize as of this writing. Still, the future looks golden for those who wish to buy the yellow precious metal as a hedge against inflation, further stock market instability, and other economic troubles.

One of the most secure stores of gold? Pre-1933 United States gold coins and United States gold bullion coins. These coins are guaranteed by the United States government, are highly collectible, and also quite liquid, offering ease of sale virtually anywhere throughout the United States or around the world.

Proving among the most popular options these days are common-date Liberty and Saint-Gaudens $20 double eagles. They can be bought for very small premiums above their spot value and are actually cheaper at the moment, gram for gram, than American Gold Eagle coins. Those who insist on buying modern gold bullion will fare best, in terms of gram-to-gram cost, buying one-ounce American Gold Eagles; these generally trade for a lower premium than fractional American Gold Eagles.


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