Gold Prices Perk Upward as Dollar Trembles, Trump Returns to White House

Liberty Head Eagles

Gold prices wind their way through this week on an upward trend, with gold showing buoyancy at the $1,915 level this morning. The news comes as President Donald J. Trump returned to the White House last night after a three-day stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment following his diagnosis with COVID-19. Also tempting upward mobility in gold prices is a shaky dollar, which has been pummeled in world markets due to inflation concerns following a multi-trillion dollar economic stimulus package.

Those who wish to jump into investing in gold should consider buying pre-1933 United States gold coins, United States American Gold Eagles, and/or vintage and bullion gold coins from other government mints around the world. Buying old legal-tender or bullion-oriented gold coins offers the assurance that the precious metal used in minting the coins is backed by the governments that minted them. Also, government-issued gold coins are much more highly liquid than privately minted pieces, meaning the investor is likely to see faster, more robust returns on their investment.


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