Gold Hovers Around $1,700 To Start Trading Week

American Eagles

Gold prices started the week of April 13, 2020 trading at just above $1,700 early Monday before settling back in the $1690s. These prices represent seven-and-a-half-year highs and are tempting many new investors to enter the bullion arena. It’s little surprise that gold and other precious metals are performing so robustly these days, as world economies continue suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

United States unemployment levels are soon expected to reach staggering highs. And as the combined efforts of social isolation, social distancing, lockdowns, and closures of non-essential businesses continue through April, the national economy is experiencing economic losses that unfortunately promise to last for longer than just a quarter. Investors are looking for safe haven investments, and gold continues proving to be a solid insurance policy against bad economic times. Therefore, many Americans are adding pre-1933 United States gold coins as well as American Eagle gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins to their portfolios to help hedge their investments against the rough times that surely lay ahead.


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