Coin of the Week: 1855-D Gold Dollar


By Antoinette Rahn, Managing Editor

Have you ever thought about coins as treats? Although it is dinner time as I write this, my observations are not driven by hunger, unless you count having an appetite for collecting coins as a form of hunger.

In any event, this idea of coins as treats came to mind as I was reading descriptions of lots featured in the April 2020 auction presented by David Lawrence Rare & Certified Coins. Now, I know you should never buy or bid on a coin sight unseen, but the description for the top lot of the sale, an 1855-D Gold Dollar PCGS AU58 (Type 2), is certainly enticing.

This 1855-D Gold Dollar claimed the top lot status during David Lawrence Rare & Certified Coins April 2020 auction, changing hands for $57,000.

As most know, the auction descriptions are as important as photos of the coins and notes on offer, and often that’s where I turn first because I love history. For instance, within the description for the 1855-D dollar that sold, we learn just how rare it is. The Dahlonega Mint produced only 1,811 gold dollars. And, if that’s not truly intriguing, the featured coin is the only D-Mint Type II gold dollar, according to the lot description.

Now, as fascinating as the historical data is, I’ve veered a bit from my initial discussion of viewing coins as treats. Here is an example of a ‘tasty’ section of the auction lot description for the 1855-D gold dollar, “The surfaces are satiny and smooth, showing no disturbances other than light clash marks. Glowing caramel-gold luster throughout adds to the stunning eye appeal.”

See what I mean about treats?

So, while I’m not sure if it’s true that the devil is in the details, I do believe when it comes to coin collecting, there is undoubtedly a level of delight present in the details.

Keep collecting, stay healthy, and safe!

About PCGS: Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) represents the industry standard in third-party certification. Visit for more information.


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