COINage Issue Highlights: February – March 2021


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the February-March 2021 issue of COINage. Plus, we’ve included something extra special at the end of this post.

• Legendary Celebrities Buying Coins: Numismatics In the Media Spotlight. By Josh McMorrow-Hernandez

• Early History of Coin Fame: B. Max Mehl and Harry J. Forman Took the Lead. By R.W. Julian

• Rush to Gold: From the Mines to the Mints. By Steve Voynick

• 1943 “Copper” Cents Still Wow: America’s Most Famous Penny. By Greg Reynolds

• Q. David Bowers: Great Coin Hobby Promoter. By Christine M. Karstedt

• Getting Famous In Coins: Donn Pearlman is the History of Coin Promotion. By Donn Pearlman

Plus, you’ll find regular market reports, recent news from the numismatic community, a price guide with current pricing, tips about virtual numismatic adventures and collecting excursions, and the NEW COINage Welcome Mat column.

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