COUNTERFEIT COINS: Fake Vintage and Modern Coins Flood the Marketplace


Fake Vintage and Modern Coins Flood the Marketplace

[TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA] The Professional Numismatists Guild ( recently warned buyers and sellers of the proliferation of counterfeit coins in today’s marketplace.

“We conducted an informal inquiry of PNG members and PNG Accredited Precious Metals Dealers (APMD) about what they’re encountering now in the marketplace. They have seen everything from counterfeits of vintage rare coins to modern precious metal items. These include fakes of popular century-old U.S. Morgan and Peace design silver dollars [and] current gold and silver American Eagles, gold U.S. Buffalo coins, silver and gold Chinese Pandas, and Canadian silver and gold Maple Leaf coins. We’re also seeing spurious gold and silver ingots,” said PNG President Dana Samuelson.

“Many of the fakes apparently are originating in China and then offered online by various sellers. It is imperative that collectors, investors and the general public deal only with reputable, knowledgeable experts who offer a guarantee of authenticity,” emphasized Samuelson.


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