4 Tree-Rific Coins For Celebrating Arbor Day

Arbor Day Coins

It’s been a busy week… Monday helped kick off National Coin Week, Wednesday was Earth Day. And today, Friday April 24? It’s Arbor Day. And to celebrate this annual day of recognizing the importance of trees, we have an excellent way to honor the occasion… Collecting coins with designs of trees! Not only would this lead to the creation of an excellent type of topical coin collection, but it also can help numismatists better appreciate the importance of Arbor Day.

Here are 4 great tree-themed coins you can add to your collection:

  • 1652 Pine Tree shilling — One of the most popular Colonial American coins is also an ideal coin for a collection of coins with trees! The 1652 Pine Tree Shilling, issued by the Massachusetts Bay colony, is a highly scarce and collectible coin that sells for about $1,000 and up.
  • 1935 Connecticut Tercentenary half dollar — The United States Mint issued a special half dollar in 1935 to honor the 300th anniversary of the founding of Connecticut. This collectible half dollar features Connecticut’s famous charter oak, a tree that lore says was where colonists hid the colony’s royal charter when King James II was on the search to swipe it. The 1935 Connecticut Tercentenary half dollar trades for about $175 or more.
  • 2001 Vermont quarter — The third year of the 50 State Quarters program, which began in 1999, saw the issuance of a quarter honoring the state of Vermont — a place known for its iconic maple syrup industry. The Vermont quarter features a reverse design showing a person collecting syrup from maple trees. The Vermont quarter can be found in circulation for face value, while uncirculated examples take about $1 and proofs realize $2 to $5.
  • 2005 Minnesota quarter — Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota is featured on this beautiful 50 State Quarter. The reverse design showcases a picturesque lake with a backdrop of conifer evergreens. While it’s easily possible to find this coin in circulation, uncirculated specimens can be bought for less than $1 and proofs can be had for $2 to $5.

This is but a shortlist of American coins paying homage to the tree. There are many other gorgeous United States and world coins that also feature trees and would make great additions to any coin collection honoring Arbor Day!


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