Teaching Space

Cosmic Lesson Plans from the U.S. Mint


[PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA] With recent rocket launches, solar and lunar eclipses, and planetary sightings, the subject of space is a hot topic. The U.S. Mint has followed the trend with new resources to teach students about outer space and the U.S. Space Program. Space exploration, astronomy, and other STEM-related fields are all part of the free education materials.

Lesson Plan Focus

Following is a partial list of lesson plans for grades K-12:

•  Pioneers in Space (Grades K-1)
Students will learn the meaning of the word “pioneer.” They will also preview and listen to an age-appropriate text relating to the design of the Ohio quarter reverse.

•  Discovery, Ship to Shuttle (Grades 2-3)
Students will explain the meaning of “discovery.”

Discovering Native American Contributions to the U.S. Space Program (Grades 3-8) Students will make predictions about coin elements, research Native American historical figures, and create a biography and/or social media profile to represent their accomplishments.

•  Exploration Across Eras (Grades 9-12)
Students will compare the Corps of Discovery’s journey with the space exploration program, including the impact of individuals, technology, presidential leadership, and the influence of international affairs. Students will conduct research, compose a persuasive essay and participate in the writing process.

Lesson plans are available online at USMint.gov/learn/educators/space-lessons.


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