Gold, Silver Show Poise Amidst Rough Waters

Gold & Silver Prices

It’s been a tough time for precious metals as they trudge through the final full week of June 2021. Federal Reserve conversations about interest rate hikes, shifting market demands, and a lumbering economy have sent gold and silver into pricing pathos. After gold flirted with a solid $1,900+ showing a couple weeks ago, it’s now trending around $1,780 per ounce. Meanwhile, silver goes for about $26 — down at least $1 an ounce over its position some two weeks ago. The recent losses mark some of the steepest declines for precious metals in many months.

Fears over inflation are helping to prop both gold and silver up from even deeper declines, but the situation is still tenuous right now as the economy finds its way and while the feds attempt charting a clearer path on how the government will help stem the tide of inflation. For the time being, those who wish to make a first investment in precious metals or further their silver and gold holdings might find the current situation somewhat opportunistic.

With gold and silver prices both down markedly from more robust figures, many speculators may find the time is now ripe to pick up some more bullion. Both pre-1933 U.S. gold and pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins could prove profitable to those who hold for the long term and are looking to defray their risks with coins that appeal to both stackers and collectors.


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