Gold Prices Rise To Close the Week


Gold prices opened Friday, April 16, 2021, on a high note to notch an increase of some $20 and touch $1,784 before settling back to $1,775 as of this mid-morning writing. Despite the correction, gold prices are still higher this week than last Friday morning, when gold prices slid to about $1,740 in early trading on April 9.

World stock markets are yielding mixed results while the U.S. dollar weakens on the global scale and crude oil prices rise. Meanwhile, geopolitical instability continues with tensions in Taiwan, United States sanctions against Russia, and continued uncertainty in the Middle East.

As precious metals investors know, bullion represents a safe haven in a scary world. Gold investors are ramping up their buying lately, looking toward the yellow-colored precious metal as a hedge against the rising threat of inflation and the unsettled world markets as they knee-jerk respond to the various issues lighting up on the international map.

What options do precious-metals investors have? Many, especially if they’re considering coins. Pre-1933 United States gold coins, American Gold Eagles, vintage foreign gold, and world gold bullion coins all represent generally safe buys with much crossover market appeal, wide familiarity among collectors and investors, and high liquidity.


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