Gold Prices Off To Roaring Start This Week

Gold Prices

After taking some losses over the past few days, gold prices opened Monday morning shooting up from $1,940 to nearly $1,960 before settling lower in the $1,950s. A mixed bag of economic news has kept gold prices tumultuous in recent months. Pandemic-related economic stimulus plans have helped pump cash into the economy but not without the risks of inflation. And it’s worries over inflation that have, in part, helped drive gold prices north.

Still, the economic recovery has been robust enough to help tamp down fears of a long-term recession, and this has kept Wall Street investors busy buying more traditional investments. Ultimately, those who wish to invest in precious metals should stick with American Eagle bullion coins or vintage United States coins, including pre-1965 90% silver coins and pre-1933 United States gold coinage.


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