Gold Prices Break $1,900 To Start The Week


Monday morning is off to a good start for gold prices, which are back above $1,900 after spending the weekend in the $1,895 range. These days, gold prices are vacillating between the high $1,890s and low $1,900s, with fluctuations largely contingent upon domestic economic uncertainty and the dollar’s strength on the world scene.

Precious metals investors will be keeping an especially close eye on bullion prices over the next two weeks as the market responds to the results of the presidential election. Market analysts suggest gold prices will remain strong under either the continuation of Donald J. Trump’s presidency or a Joseph Biden administration. Both offer policies that favor precious metals.

Many gold investors are beginning to accumulate gold now while it remains below $2,000 per ounce, with the potential that bullion prices could escalate once the election results are decided. Investors are turning to pre-1933 gold coins and American Gold Eagles as popular options for those who wish to build a portfolio inclusive of United States gold coinage.


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