COINage Profile: 1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent

1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent

The coin collecting community was abuzz in the spring of 1995 with the news that a major doubled die had just been discovered on what were then the newest Lincoln cents. The 1995 obverse doubled die cent, hailing from the Philadelphia Mint, shows prominent hub doubling particularly in the inscription “LIBERTY” and motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

Newspaper headlines, radio announcements, and even coverage on the evening television news propelled this 1995 penny into numismatic stardom. Prices for the coin quickly reached over $100, and collectors from coast to coast were looking for this error variety to pop up in their pocket change. And it did. By the thousands.

As the numismatic community came to the realization that these coins were more common than originally thought, prices began falling. Still, the 1995 doubled die Lincoln cent is a popular variety that trades for around $50 in the Gem Mint State grades. And with careful searching, this valuable and scarce variety can still be found in circulation for face value!


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