COINage Profile: 1921 Peace Dollar

1921 Peace Dollar

The 1921 Peace dollar marks an important numismatic milestone. The first truly 20th-century silver dollar honoring the end of “The War to End All Wars” (World War I), the Peace dollar was also the last circulating silver dollar the United States Mint ever made. The coin was designed by Anthony de Francisci and features on the obverse a young Miss Liberty donning a tiara of rays — very much in the visage of the Statue of Liberty standing proud in New York Harbor. The reverse showcases an eagle perched atop a rock with a sunrise in the distance and the word “PEACE” below.

The Peace dollar series, which ran from 1921 through 1935, offers a handful of key and semi-key dates. The 1921 is among them. Only 1,006,473 were struck, all in the last days of 1921 — the same year that saw the last Morgan dollars produced. All 1921 Peace dollars were struck in high-relief format, which is how de Francisci had always intended but proved too difficult for dies to produce in mass quantities; beginning the following year and through the end of the series, circulating Peace dollars were struck in low-relief format. While the 1921 Peace dollar is a scarce issue, it is common enough to find at most major coin shops and makes a handsome addition to any collection, even in well-worn condition. Values for the coin start at about $100 for a VF20 and hover around $250 and up for base-level uncirculated specimens.

Image is courtesy of Heritage Auctions.


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