COINage Issue Highlights August-September 2021


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the August-September 2021 issue of COINage. In addition, you’ll find sample pages from this issue.

Big Lessons In Small Coins: Numismatics Changed After the Pandemic. By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez

Magnificent Quarter Dollars Sold for Stunning Prices: Pogue and Simpson Collections Provide Diversions. By Greg Reynolds

Seated Liberty Silver Coin Collecting Trends and the Pandemic: Notorious Virus Altered Ages-Old Numismatic Customs. By R.W. Julian

Preparing for the Next Big One: Protecting Yourself and Your Coins for the Next Megadisaster. By Scott A. Travers

American Eagle One Ounce Silver Dollars: Perfect and Near-Perfect Silver Dollars for Collectors of the 21st Century. By Rick J. Tomaska

Plus, you’ll find regular market reports, recent news from the numismatic community, a price guide with current pricing, and tips about virtual numismatic adventures and collecting excursions.

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