5 Things To Do With Your Coin Collection Before 2020

1955 Doubled Die Cent

With October’s arrival, the 2019 calendar is entering its last pages. Many hobbyists see the last months of the year as a good time to take stock of their coin collections. Maybe it’s time to clean out some cobwebs and get things in line for 2020?

Here are five things to do as you reassess your coin collection and numismatic goals as 2019 draws to a close.

  1. Regroup with your goals — While it’s October, there’s still time to meet your numismatic goals for 2019! What are they? What goals haven’t you met? What must you buy or sell to complete your goals for the year?
  2. Appraise your collection — It’s always a good time to find out what your coin collection is presently worth, especially if you’re hoping to insure your collection.
  3. Sell off coins you don’t want — Why keep excess baggage? Unless you have long-term plans for the coins that you don’t need for your collection anymore, sell them. Not only will this make more space in your vault, you’ll have more money to buy the coins you really want now.
  4. Organize your collection — Make sure all your coins are safely housed and arranged the way you want them. You may need to buy new albums or folders to accomplish this, but nothing beats the feeling of looking at a neatly organized collection of coins.
  5. Buy more supplies — While you’re out buying holiday gifts for loved ones and friends, don’t forget to buy yourself a few things, too. These include more 2×2 holders, coin flips, coin tubes, gloves, and other essentials you’ll need to keep your collection safe and sound into the new year and beyond!

Of course, all of these suggestions are useful at any time of the year. But if you take the time to do some hobby housekeeping now, you’ll be sure to start 2020 off on the right numismatic foot!


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