Photo Gallery: 2018 World’s Fair of Money Bourse

The dealer section of the 2018 World's Fair of Money bourse was alive with activity.

COINage was in attendance at the American Numismatic Association’s 2018 World’s Fair of Money August 14-18 and captured many of the bourse highlights. Enjoy!


The U.S. Mint was well-represented with exhibits and its current offerings available for perusing.
Three of the infamous Langbord Family 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold double eagles were on display with security personnel keeping close watch nearby.

Exhibits totaling a billion dollars in value were on display in the ANA’s Museum Showcase.

One of the “Fab Five” 1913 Liberty Head nickels on display at the Museum Showcase was a definite head-turner!

The 1943 bronze cent was on display in its PCGS holder. A sight to see!

A “homecoming” of Philadelphia paper money drew much admiration from show attendees.
The finest known 1792 half disme, owned by David Rittenhouse, the first U.S. Mint director, speaks to the robust Mint history tied to Philadelphia.











This presidential declaration, signed by George Washington, appoints David Rittenhouse to the newly created position of U.S. Mint Director.
The Mint Promenade lent a foreign flare to the ANA bourse. Mints from Australia, Austria, British Territories, Canada, China, and Ukraine were represented.
The popular and eye-catching niobium coins issued by the Austrian Mint were displayed in their colorful glory.


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