Newman Numismatic Portal Announces Second NNP Symposium, March 19-21, 2021

NNP Symposium 2021

Launched in August 2020, the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) Symposium brings together a diverse selection of numismatic presentations into a concentrated, three-day, Zoom-based format. The first event, held August 28-30, 2020, featured talks on a variety of topics including U.S. federal coinage, tokens and medals, paper money, and ancient and world numismatics. The complete set of over 40 presentations from the August 2020 Symposium, produced by Lianna Spurrier of Numismatic Marketing, is available for viewing at

Newman Portal is pleased to announce the second NNP Symposium, which will take place via Zoom on March 19-21, 2021. As large-scale numismatic conventions continue to be cancelled, this event will provide a virtual “fix” of numismatic content and allow collectors to view programs on any number of topics, or to present on their own favorite subjects. Comments received by attendees after the first event included, “These last three days were the closest I’ve come to having a coin convention experience since before the coronavirus hit,” and, “It got the coin collecting juices flowing again for those of us hunkered down waiting for the next show.”

The NNP Symposium invites individual presenters and numismatic organizations to register for a Symposium meeting slot. Any presentation inquiries may be submitted via Dealers are welcome to participate and might use this time to introduce their business or present selected inventory highlights. The NNP Symposium staff will ensure smooth delivery of all content by moderating each session and providing Zoom training to attendees and presenters prior to the event.

A sampling of committed speakers as of press time includes:

Garrett Ziss: Ziss, the 2020 American Numismatic Association Young Numismatist of the Year, will present “From the War of 1812 to the Civil War: A Chronology of a Numismatic Marriage.”

Sarah Miller: “A Day at Heritage Auctions’ New York Office” will provide an insider view of this auction company, from the Director of Numismatics at the Heritage Auctions location in New York.

Chris McDowell: McDowell, editor of the Journal of Early American Numismatics, will speak on new discoveries in the Betts medal series.

Beth Deisher: This long time Coin World editor will discuss the impact of Chinese counterfeits on the U.S. numismatic market.

Daryl Haynor: Winner of the Numismatic Literary Guild Book of the Year award, Haynor will provide an overview his book United States Classic Gold 1834-1839.

A full list of speakers, updated frequently, is available at NNP Symposium attendees should register at and will receive periodic updates including overall schedule and meeting links. Symposium registration is free, in keeping with the NNP philosophy of providing numismatic information on a free-and-forever basis.


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