Is this a real coin?


1968S DDO CWe received this query from a reader in North Dakota. Please drop us a line if you’re able to help him out.

Dear Managing Editor:
I have this one cent 1968S that appears to be a doubled die obverse. The date, mint [mark], and LIBERTY all, from what I can see, have doubling. The pictures are from the Dino-Lite microscope I have. It appears [to be] at best either grade VF-20 or VF-30.

I have found no information from looking at the coin values from various magazines and the grading in the newest edition of the Red Book.

I have been subscribing to your magazine for quite a few years now and I do not recall any articles on this coin. I would like any information you could give me on this coin.1968S DDO B (1)

Thank you for your time to help me out.

1968S DDO A             1968S DDO D



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