Gold Prices Start Week On Bullish Note

Gold Prices

Gold kicks off the week on a high note, popping above $1,900 to start Monday. The jolt comes from myriad catalysts, including hopes that COVID-19 economic stimulus is still in the cards and the gathering nerves surrounding the upcoming United States presidential election. It’s just another chapter in the ongoing bullion saga this year, which has seen gold hit record highs and silver enter pricing territory it hasn’t trodden in years.

Naturally, this pricing activity leaves many to wonder where bullion prices go from here. It seems that the buzz isn’t quite as fervent as it was in the summer, when gold cleared the long-anticipated $2,000 threshold and silver was flirting with the $30s. However, spurts of activity as seen this morning indicates that there is plenty of momentum in the precious metals and, perhaps, sufficient energy to help push gold and silver back into summertime levels if favorable influences continue.

Precious metals speculators continue turning to American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins as well as common vintage pre-1933 United States gold coins and pre-1965 90% silver coinage. These issues are obtainable at prices near melt, enjoy enthusiastic crossover appeal between both the numismatic and bullion markets around the world, and are overall highly liquid.


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