August Quiz Answers


Here are the answers to August’s crossword puzzle.

4.     NUMISMATIC—American _____________ Association
5.     INVENTORY—What’s on hand
6.     DIGITAL—Form of photo, music or text file
11.   PCGS—First grading service
13.   ODDITY—Variety, pattern or error
14.   KEN—________ Bressett
15.   DUBILL—”A Dollar from Herter’s”
17.   OPTIMIST—One who sees the bright side
20.   DAHLONEGA—Mint in Georgia
22.   SANDIEGO—1983 ANA convention held here
23.   SILVER—Gold’s “little sister”
25.   PALLADIUM—Related to platinum
26.   LIBERTYHEAD—1913 ____________ nickel
27.   RESTRIKE—The 1804 _______ cent
28.   DRAGON—Klagenfurt creature 

1.     HUNT—Brothers who cornered the silver market
2.     NASA—Space expl. org.
3.     BIRCHARD—The “B” in Rutherford B. Hayes
7.     LUCY—Nicknamed “Lemonade”
8.     AUCTION—Type of sale
9.     JONES—Last U.S. Mint Chief Engraver
10.   EIGHT—Number of Hayes children
12.   HERTER—George of sporting goods fame
16.   LOT—Group at auction, or for melting
18.   TALES—______ and Legends” Austrian Mint coin series
19.   EAGLE—U.S. bullion coin
21.   SOCALLED—Kind of a dollar
22.   STEWART—Frank who bought the Mint
24.   LAWYER—Hayes’ primary occupation



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