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NLG 2019 Awards

One of the many things the numismatic community does well is recognize and celebrate accomplishments of its members that contribute to the betterment of the numismatics industry.

Among the most popular examples of this practice is the annual Numismatic Literary Guild award. The guild is a nonprofit organization composed of editors, authors and writers who report news and information about all forms of money, medals and tokens. This year’s competition is being overseen by David Lang.

To be eligible for consideration in any category, entries must have been published, released, or posted on the Internet between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019. With the exception of the Portfolio category, wherein three copies of each entry must be submitted.

Each person is only allowed to submit one entry per category. Each submission must be accompanied by a cover sheet or label attached to each entry copy and contain the following information:

  • Category Number
  • Category Title
  • Name of Publication
  • Title of Submission
  • Date of Publication
  • Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address of Entrant

In the event the entrant is not the author, be sure to include the contact information for the author.

The following are the categories and criteria of the NLG 2019 Awards competition:

This image from the NLG website is a sample of the many resources available to anyone with an interest in numismatics.


  1. Book of the Year
    The printed or electronic media work having the greatest potential impact on numismatics. Criteria include overall reader appeal, research quality, photographic and graphic excellence, cover and typography where applicable. Books submitted in the specialized categories are automatically considered for Book of the Year.

Best Specialized Books
Three printed copies or three digital e-books are required to be submitted for each entry category.

  1. United States Coins
    3. World Coins (pre-1500)
    4. World Coins (1500 to present)
    5. United States Paper Money
    6. World Paper Money
    7. Tokens & Medals
    8. Errors or Varieties
    9. Numismatic Investments
    10. Numismatic History or Personalities


Best column, article or series of articles in print or online from U.S. and overseas numismatic media. Three copies, photocopies or PDF files of the submission are required to accompany each entry.

  1. U.S. Coins to 1900
    12. U.S. Coins 1901 to Date
    13. World Coins to 1500 (includes Ancients)

    14. World Coins 1501 to Date
    15. U.S. Paper Money
    16. World Paper Money
    17. Tokens & Medals
    18. Numismatic Spot News, Marketplace, or Analysis
    19. Numismatic History or Personalities
    20. Ed Reiter Memorial Award For Best Column or Series – Numismatic Publications
    Submit three hard copies or photocopies of three different columns published in a numismatic print publication or online.
  2. The Maurice M. Gould Memorial Award for Best Column – Non-Numismatic Publications
    Submit three copies or photocopies of three different columns. Entries may be submitted by the publisher, editor or columnist of any coin column appearing regularly in any non-numismatic newspaper, magazine or website.
  3. James L. Miller Memorial Award – Article or Story of the Year
    The best feature article or news story involving coins, paper money, tokens or medals that was published in print and/or online. Submit three copies or photocopies.


  1. Best Investment Newsletter
    Criteria include overall reader appeal, quality of research and writing, and graphics, as applicable. Submit three copies each of three different issues – total, nine submitted items per entry.
  2. Best Professional Periodical
    Three copies of two different issues of the for-profit, professional numismatic publication may be submitted by the publisher or editor of any daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual for-profit numismatic publication in the U.S. or overseas. Criteria include overall numismatic appeal, features, departments, graphics, journalistic and editorial excellence as applicable.
  3. Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical
    Open to any local, regional, national or international nonprofit numismatic organization in the U.S. or overseas. Submit three copies of two different issues.


  1. Best Online News Website
    Submit link(s) to entry pages or three copies of printed selected entry pages.
  2. Best Dealer or Industry Website
    Submit link(s) to entry pages or three copies of print out of selected entry pages.
  3. Best Non-Trade Website
    This category is for web sites maintained by coin clubs and other non-commercial organizations and individuals devoted to the coin hobby. Three copies of the web site home page and all posted items linked to it at the time the copies are made, submitted by the publisher or editor, are required to accompany this submission.
  4. Best Numismatic Social Media Platform or Coin Collector Forum
    The award will be presented for the best numismatic-themed page or feed posted on a collector forum site (or message board) or social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google Plus. Entries will be judged based on the quality of articles, external links, and graphics posted. Audience engagement also will be considered by the judges. Submit link(s) to entry pages or three print outs of selected entry pages.
  5. Best Blog
    This award recognizes the best interactive blog that communicates information and personal commentaries about the numismatic hobby. Please submit hard copies of three complete blog entries.


Three copies of each catalog are required for entry. Criteria includes cover design, overall eye appeal, format, graphics and layout, research and quality of description. Entries may be submitted by auction firm, auctioneer or cataloger. ONLY ONE CATALOG FROM EACH AUCTION FIRM will be considered in each category. Multiple entries in any category will be disqualified.

  1. Best U.S. Coins Auction Catalog
    32. Best World Coins Auction Catalog
    33. Best Paper Money Auction Catalog
    34. Best Books or Exonumia Auction Catalog


  1. Radio
    Best news story, feature report or continuing series involving numismatics. Entries must include three copies of a standard-size CD, flash/thumb drive or URL of a story or feature report or three selections from continuing series, accompanied by written statement citing date(s) of broadcast, call letters and location of radio station.
  2. Television
    Best spot news story, feature report or continuing series involving numismatics shown on television or cable. Entries must include three standard-size CD, flash/thumb drive or VHS videocassette recording of the television story or feature report broadcast or three selections from a continuing televised series. Entry must be accompanied by a written statement citing date(s) of broadcast, call letters and location of station.
  3. Audio
    Best audio program or podcast involving numismatics, but non-broadcast. Includes audio tracks from numismatic slide shows, educational tapes, audio newsletters and other presentations such as podcasts. Entries must include three copies of a standard-size CD or flash/thumb drive of the audio, written statement citing date(s) of first use.
  4. Short Video – Commercial or Non-Commercial
    This category is for video presentations of 10 minutes or less. Best non-broadcast slide film, PowerPoint®, movie film or videotape presentation involving numismatics made for educational purposes. Entry must include three copies of the audio as well as visual materials – either written script or soundtrack of DVD or CD, film, audio or video cassette or flash/thumb drive used in presentation.
  5. Long Video – Commercial or Non-Commercial
    This category is for video presentations lasting longer than 10 minutes. The submission criteria are the same as for No. 38.
  6. Software or App
    Best presentation of new numismatic-related software or mobile application published in CD-Rom, DVD, App Store or any other electronic format or electronic delivery system. For physical media, three copies of the work needs be submitted. For digitally distributed software or apps, three copies must also be provided, and if the entry is distributed on the Android or Apple store, written instructions must be provided about how to locate and download the app. Each entry must be accompanied by a written statement citing date(s) of first use.


  1. Lee Martin Founder’s Award – Best All-Around Portfolio
    Collection of writings and/or photographs and related items demonstrating numismatic writing ability and versatility published within the contest year. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity, and organization and presentation will count as heavily as volume. One copy of the portfolio entry needs to be submitted and can be submitted as PDF files on a flash or thumb drive. Items included in the portfolio may also be submitted in other relevant categories at entrant’s option.
  2. Clement F. Bailey Memorial Award
    This award was endowed by Jim Miller of Miller Magazines in memory of an especially beloved member of the numismatic writing community and NLG founder, Clement F. Bailey. This award recognizes excellence among new writers in numismatics whose first published writings in this field appeared in hobby publications during the previous year. Nominees are supplied solely by numismatic publishers.
  3. The Ribbit
    This award recognizes an individual who has achieved prominence in numismatics while maintaining approachability, a sense of humor and essential modesty. The winner is selected by the previous year’s recipient.
  4. The Clemy
    The winner of this award, the Guild’s highest honor, is chosen by the previous year’s recipient(s) from a list of nominees provided by the NLG Board of Directors.

NLG reserves the right to limit the number of plaques for any given entry, with the number to be determined at its discretion. NLG will provide plaques only for the persons named in an entry when it is originally submitted. Winners living in countries other than the United States, Canada and Mexico will receive certificates and cash awards, rather than plaques. The cash award will be $50 for first place winners.

All entries must be received no later than Wednesday, June 12, 2019. They should be sent to the contest coordinator at the following address: David W. Lange, NLG Awards Coordinator, c/o NGC, P.O. Box 4776, Sarasota, FL 34230.

Winners will be announced, and awards presented, at the 2019 NLG Bash and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money® in Rosemont, IL.

If you submit an entry and cannot be at the awards ceremony in person, you should indicate on your entry cover sheets the name of designated person who can accept the award on your behalf and deliver it to you.

For information about joining the Numismatic Literary Guild, visit www.nlgonline.org/membership.





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