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Check Your Change For 'W' Quarters


[PELHAM, ALABAMA] Just 2 million of each of the five 2019 quarter dollars issued will feature the “W” mintmark of the famous West Point Mint. This seems like a lot of coins, but it represents only one out of every 200 or so 2019 quarters. They are being distributed to banks and financial institutions through the Federal Reserve system, mixed in with their more common Philadelphia and Denver Mint counterparts.

“If the Guide Book went to press today, we would list the coins around $25 each in average Mint State condition, based on feedback from coin dealers around the country,” said Jeff Garrett, senior editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins. “Higher-grade ‘gem’ examples have sold for hundreds of dollars.”

Garrett estimates that demand for the coins will rise as more and more collectors need them to complete their collections.

‘W’ Coin Appeal Pegged to Grow

The 2019-W quarters will be featured in next year’s edition of the Guide Book. By that time, their market prices should be well-established, according to Garrett.

“These are the first and only modern rarities deliberately placed into circulation by the Mint,” said Q. David Bowers, the Guide Book’s research editor.

Nearly 2 billion total quarters were struck last year.

In total, a maximum of only 10 million West Point Mint quarters will reach circulation. They include 2 million each of the Lowell National Historical Park quarter, the American Memorial Park quarter, the War in the Pacific National Historical Park quarter, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park quarter, and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness quarter. All are dated 2019, and the West Point coins have the distinctive “W” mintmark below the legend, “IN GOD WE TRUST.”


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