Legacy Currency Grading Joins Marketplace


Noted money authentication expert Jason W. Bradford and a team of experts are heading  Legacy Currency Grading (www.LegacyGrading.com), a new paper money grading and authentication company.

Bradford, the founding and former president of PCGS Currency, said “Legacy Currency Grading will strive to improve the consistency and accuracy in grading for which my team has always been known. We will focus our primary efforts on excellent customer service and turnaround times, and we will be expanding our team. We’ve added both operational staff and additional grading experts to increase our capacity and help dramatically reduce turnaround times.”

Guaranty Guidelines

Legacy Currency Grading, which began operations Feb. 20, offers a warranty for all banknotes certified by its graders.

Jason W. Bradford

“The guarantee for all Legacy graded notes will be as strong as ever, with all notes guaranteed for grade and authenticity by our lifetime grading warranty,” Bradford said.

The guarantee, as Bradford explained, includes Legacy Currency Grading continuing to honor the same grading guarantee for all notes that K3B, Inc. certified from Feb. 4, 2009 until Jan. 30, 2019, under the license for the PCGS Currency brand name from Collectors Universe, Inc. In addition, the Legacy Currency Grading population report will also include all notes graded under the same license.

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible for all collectors and dealers, Legacy Currency Grading will also offer, for a limited time, a discounted “crossover” service for all notes graded under the previous brand name. Details of this service and the process for submitting notes for grading and authentication will be presented on the company website www.LegacyGrading.com, soon.

Existing grading requests previously submitted to K3B, Inc. now will be graded by Legacy Currency Grading. All clients will be contacted regarding their submissions and an estimate of the time frame for completion will be provided. If a client wishes to have their notes returned ungraded and fees refunded, the company will honor the request, Bradford added.

Unveiling New Holder

Another element of the Legacy Currency Grading operation is a new holder design that features a fully sealed holder with the grading insert inside a tamper-proof Mylar plastic.

“We are extremely excited about this new holder because I believe that this is the safest material for the long term storage of any banknote, and we won’t compromise by using anything but the highest archival quality materials for our holders,” stated Bradford.

Bradford, who has personally examined, authenticated and graded more than a million banknotes over the past 14 years, is president and CEO of the company and one of the experts grading banknotes. Would like to try online pokies? Prior to that, look at this review made by exycasinos.com experts. They talk about poker machine games with helpful insights on the best games, providers, payout percentage, and remaining crucial features. What’s more, you are going to discover if it’s better to play real money pokies or for free.

“It is extremely important for me to focus my energies primarily on grading and training our other graders. The day-to-day operations of the company and customer service will be overseen by our management team, which will free me and the other graders to focus on doing what we do best—grading banknotes,” he said.

Information regarding submitting banknotes for grading and authentication to Legacy Currency Grading will available soon at www.LegacyGrading.com, or by calling the Legacy grading team at 309-222-8200, or emailing info@LegacyGrading.com.


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