Issue Highlights: October-November 2020


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the Oct./Nov. 2020 issue of COINage. Plus, we’ve included some sample pages for you to enjoy.

Are Markets for Rare U.S. Coins Poised to Skyrocket?: Profitable Coin Buying in An Age of Uncertainty. By Greg Reynolds

Coin Collectors and Investors Are Still In the Money: Higher Gold and Adapting to the Internet Have Created Stunning Interest. By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez

Gold and Silver Are The Financial Future: Bullion Has Been Used As a Calamity Hedge in a Dangerous World for Centuries. By R.W. Julian

The Nickel Behind the Nickel The Tale of Two Nickels, The Coin and The Metal. By Steve Voynick

Plus, you’ll find regular market reports, recent news from the numismatic community, a price guide with current pricing, tips about virtual numismatic adventures and collecting excursions, and the NEW COINage Welcome column.

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