Gold Prices Perky But Still Too Shy for $1,900

Gold Bullion Coins

Gold prices show signs of life yet continue slogging below the $1,900 mark, where the precious yellow metal was trading a few weeks back. The Federal Reserve signals interest rates will remain near zero percent for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile the stock market stays robust as President Joe Biden and his administration signal continued efforts with Congress to increase COVID-19 vaccinations and monetary relief for those economically affected by the pandemic.

Even while gold prices remain somewhat skittish, there are plenty of reasons investors are optimistic about precious metals. Gold, along with silver, are trusted hedges against inflation, and inflation may be in the cards down the line as economic dynamics shift once the pandemic is over. Many gold investors are turning to pre-1933 U.S. gold as well as vintage world gold coins and bullion gold, including American Gold Eagles.


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