US, Canadian Silver Coins Unified In Pride Of Two Nations Set

Pride Of Two Nations Coin Set

Philadelphia, known as “The Cradle of Liberty,” was abuzz in early July with the nation’s 243rd anniversary of independence, but the Philadelphia Mint was the scene for a moment of international unity on July 3 when US Mint Director David Ryder greeted Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) CEO Marie Lemay to officially launch the 2019 Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two-Coin Set. Featuring a one-ounce American Silver Eagle with enhanced reverse proof finish and a 2019 one-ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin with a modified proof finish, the two-coin set honors the nationhood of both countries while paying homage to the history, pride, and culture both share as neighbors. 

“Not only do the United States and Canada share a border, but we also share history and many cultural values that have resulted in an enduring relationship,” Ryder remarked. “This coin set is a fitting tribute to our abiding friendship, strong alliance, and commitment to cooperation.” This set marks the first joint coin set ever produced by the US Mint and RCM. Notably, the Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two-Coin Set features the first bilingual certificate of authenticity ever produced by the US Mint. Both Ryder and Lemay were on hand after the event to sign certificates of authenticity for those in attendance who bought some of the sets that were sold at the ceremony in Philadelphia. 

The American Silver Eagle was minted at the West Point Mint and bears a “W” mintmark. Meanwhile, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was produced at the Canada’s Ottawa Mint facility. The mintage of this two-coin set has been capped at 110,000 units, and demand for the set was outstanding. Sales were limited to five sets per household during the first 48 hours following its July 3 release at noon eastern, after which the household ordering limits were lifted. The United States Mint and RCM each ran through their allotments of sets within only a few weeks, with 100,000 sold through the U.S. Mint and 10,000 from then Canadian mint. As of press time, neither mint lists any sets available for sale. 

The United States Mint was selling was the sets at a price of $139.95, while the RCM offered them for $144.59 ($189.95 CAD). In the secondary market, the US sets are generally selling for anywhere between $150 and $200, while the scarcer Canadian sets trade for a significantly better premium of $225 to $275 each. While sets from the United States and Canada contain identical coins, the packaging from each nation is different. Many are particularly fond of the black clamshell presentation case issued by the RCM for its version of the two-coin set. For its part, the US Mint offered its set in a navy clamshell case.


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