My Two Cents’ Worth: Got Change for a Trillion?


Trillion-Dollar-Coin-300x281Canada’s Loon dollar coin is affectionately known North of the Border as the “Loonie.” For a short time early this year, it seemed possible–though widely improbable–that Americans might get an even loonier coin, only this time its face value wouldn’t have been just $1 but a trillion dollars. Continue reading Ed Reiter’s column here.


  1. Almost 50 years ago I marched into the SF mint with $150 or so Silver Certificate dollar bills. I exchanged them for a silver bar. The bar has no mint markings on it but has been in my possession ever since. If it had US mint markings would it have a higher value? If yes, is there any way to document that it came from the mint, I attach a notarized letter , or perhaps that type of bar is distinctive in its own way? Thanks.


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