Issue Highlights: October/November 2019


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the October/November 2019 issue of COINage. Plus, we’ve included some sample pages for you to enjoy.

COINage October 2019

 Pocket Change Treasures: The Age of Discovery Is Far From Over. By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez

Premier Guide to Identifying Error Coins: A Photographic Tour of Valuable Varieties. By Tom DeLorey

• The Great Silver Breakout: Silver Could Soar to $65 Per Ounce. By Mike Fuljenz

• Investing in the Odd and Experimental: Finding Serious Money in Uncommon Coins. By R.W. Julian

• Purpose & Service: Tom Snead, Palm Island Coins & Currency. By Antoinette Rahn

Plus, you’ll find regular market reports, recent news from the numismatic community, and a price guide with current pricing.


  1. I bought a book of Roosevelt dimes in about 1977 which contain 1946 to 1977 ‘s with/ proof’s SMS coins and 5 no mint marks coins includeing a 1975 no S coin with no mint marks 1965,1966, 1967 and a1969? no mint mark can’t look as I keep them in a big safe at another place also book has 2 weak and missing usu on back, I also have book of Kennedy hav’s with 1964 proof and all proof’s with SMS up to 1977 both books are sealed along with these selling complete book of 4 eagle pennies with indian heads with 4, 1864’sand 1ea. 1873’s,1877,1908’s,and 1909s book is complete no d/d? no 1856 eagle but small letter and lage letter eagle’s 1864 L, indians are ave.with 1-2 _ 20 grade rest are 8s,and 4s grade but soon there will be no more.


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