Another Day, Another (Silver) Dollar… As COVID Quarantines Move Into April, How Are You Nurturing Your Coin Collection?

Coin Collecting

Self isolation, quarantines, and social distancing are moving well into their second solid week and will probably carry through April and even beyond. I’m working from home and have been for years anyway, so this period for me — oddly enough — hasn’t been all that usual for me. Though for many folks, they’re spending spans of time at home that they haven’t experienced in many years.

If you’re among these individuals who are stuck at home with nothing else to do but Netflix and chill or check off some honey-do punch lists, are you also spending time with your coin collection? If you haven’t, you may be missing out on an invaluable opportunity to take your collection to the next level.

I’ve heard from many of my coin collector friends who say they’re using this chance to study the coins in their collections and even add to their sets thanks to online coin dealers and coin auctions. Some are building their sets day by day, placing an order here and there. Others are refining their want lists now and will buy the coins they need in-person once the COVID-19 pandemic threat has passed and we collectively (pun) come out from social hibernation. Others still are finding creative ways to enhance or otherwise improve their collections during this time at home.

I’ve done the same, poring through my coins and looking for gaps in my collection that I wish to fill. Last week, I wrote about one such set I’m working on. Maybe you, too, have some coin sets you wish to finally finish. Or maybe there are new coins sets you want to build from scratch. Hopefully, you’re taking this opportunity to escape COVIDian boredom at home by venturing a few more steps along the colorful path of your numismatic hobby!


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