COINage Readers: We Still Want to Know!


Tell Us Your Story

Each month, COINage magazine strives to provide you with a balanced reading experience. A little bit of recent news from the Mint … some history through our “Coin Capsule” feature … a little bit of humor … some hard facts about the hobby.

One of the things we do best, though, is bring you the intriguing stories of the people and places associated with coinage throughout history, all the way up to the present day.

Now we want you to tell us your story. Why did you start collecting coins? How far has your collection come? What did you find in circulation recently that interested you? We would like to share stories like these with the rest of our readers—on this blog, in the magazine or both.

The guidelines:

1. Send submissions to

2. Submissions should be no more than 150 words. That’s right: only 150 words. Space is limited, and we want to post/print as many stories as possible.

3. Select submissions will be published using the author’s name, city and state. All submissions are subject to editing and proofing. The author’s name will be published unless he or she states otherwise.


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