Can We Talk?


About coin collecting?

Actually, we were wondering about collecting in general.

We were talking one day about what people in the office collect, how they got started collecting, what will they do with their collection in the future, etc.

Some of us are accumulators. I fall into this category. A few first-edition novels here, some concert ticket stubs and other souvenirs there. I even have a few elongated cents from museums and amusement parks.

Others inherited partial collections of Morgan and Peace dollars, and that’s where their collecting stops.

And one person became interested in coins as an easy way to make money as a kid.

Then we got “scientific.” Is there a “collecting” gene? Are some people born to collect, while others simply, ahem, accumulate, or go 180 degrees the other way and “declutter,” for lack of a better word?

Michael Shutty Jr., Ph.D., author of One Coin Is Never Enough, in fact says that he is a collector by genetics. His book approaches numismatics differently by putting the collector first. The stories, the human aspects come before the coins.

That’s what we’re interested in.

What kind of coin collector are you? Do you collect anything else? How did you get started? And, in all seriousness, how does collecting make you feel? Does it give you a rush of pleasure, or does too much of anything stress you out?

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  1. I have a 1973 First Official Coinage of the British Virgin Islands Proof Set with Certificate of Authenticity minted by the Franklin Mint under authorization of the Government of the British Virgin Islands. This was a gift I received in 1973 and I would like to find out if it is worth anything. Can you help me or direct me to someone who can please?
    Thank you


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