Monday, March 25, 2019
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4 Movers & Shakers: Talers, Ducats, Colones, and Holey Dollars

By Antoinette Rahn The 47th annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) is underway now. It’s one of the kick-off events of the numismatic community...

Partners: COINage, February, 2019

We are proud to partner with the following businesses for our February 2019 issue of COINage magazine.

Partners: COINage, January, 2019

We are proud to partner with the following businesses for our January 2019 issue of COINage magazine.

Rebel With a Mint: Breakaway Country Rises With Issues

By Dr. Kerry Rodgers Few countries are as misunderstood as the Principality of Hutt River. Collectors will be hard-pressed to find its issues in the Standard...

The Modern World: Canada’s Influence on Modern U.S. Coins

By David Schwager Every time a Canadian coin appears in your pocket change, you are reminded that Canada bases its money on an American model. For...

5 Frightening and Fun Coins

By Antoinette Rahn The spirit of innovation is one of the things I enjoy most about coins. Since the beginning, coins have reflected people, events, and...

From Stamps to Coins — WOPA+ Expands

WOPA+, a leading online platform for new-issue stamps, is expanding into the coin market. The Gibraltar-based firm serves as a seller to thousands of...

“Austria by Its Children” Series Continues

The Austrian Mint in Vienna will issue on May 7 the fifth silver coin in its charming series “Austria by its Children," also known...