Friday, February 21, 2020
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Earliest U.S. Circulating Currency

BY DONALD H. KAGIN, PH.D. It is now clear that the first circulating currency issued by the United States was not the Demand Notes of...

Worth Its Weight In Silver

By R.W. Julian When the first settlers from Britain came to what is now the United States, there was little in the way of coined...

Lunar Landing Program Launches Jan. 24

The United States Mint will open sales for its 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary commemorative program at noon EST Jan 24, it announced this week.

Coin Investing is About More than Gold

These days, even the U.S. Mint is manufacturing, promoting, and selling coins made from precious metals other than the conventional gold and silver, the most widely touted as investments.

On This Day: ‘In God We Trust’

January 1, 1866: United States silver and gold coins begin bearing the motto, "In God We Trust." The one exception: the dime, due to its...

Don’t Let Market Cycles Take You for a Ride

Each new year usually is a time of optimistic anticipation. It’s viewed by many as a fresh start to personal lives and for some hobbyists and dealers, also a fresh start for the rare coin market.

Market Report: Threat of Trump Impeachment Could Lead to Rare Coin...

A recent episode of “Meet the Press,” a Sunday political talk show, opened with an interview of liberal billionaire hedge fund manager and campaign investor Tom Steyer.

Coins Inspire as Holiday Presents

By Mike Fuljenz In 2017, my wife, Karen, and I went to hear Wynonna Judd and the Big Noise in her excellent Christmas show. It...