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Palladium’s Glittering Future

By Steve Voynick Palladium has hung around as platinum’s “little brother” for a long time. Although it shares the same silvery-white color, it has never...

Wood for Horses; Platinum for Cars

By James Passin On April 24th, in the year 1184 B.C., when the city of Troy fell to Greek invaders, the Trojans hauled the “gift”...

Coin Investing is About More than Gold

These days, even the U.S. Mint is manufacturing, promoting, and selling coins made from precious metals other than the conventional gold and silver, the most widely touted as investments.

2019 New World Coin Order: Forecasts for coins, platinum, and cryptocurrency

By James Passin Some years back, Amazon deleted George Orwell’s legendary dystopian novel, 1984, from Kindle devices – an ironic action that revealed the unfettered...

Issue Highlights: January 2019

COINage: January 2019 • Gold at $5,000 an Ounce: Imagining a Soaring Yellow Metal in 2019 • 2019 and the New world Coin Order: Forecasts for...