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Kennedy Half Commands Record Price

A 1964 Kennedy half dollar sold for a world record $108,000, making it the most expensive coin of its type, during a public auction...

Worth Its Weight In Silver

By R.W. Julian When the first settlers from Britain came to what is now the United States, there was little in the way of coined...

On This Day: Monroe Commem

January 24, 1924: The 67th Congress of the United States authorizes the Mint to produce commemorative coins in honor of the centennial of the Monroe Doctrine and its celebration at an exposition held in Los Angeles in mid-1923.

Lunar Landing Program Launches Jan. 24

The United States Mint will open sales for its 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary commemorative program at noon EST Jan 24, it announced this week.

Don’t Let Market Cycles Take You for a Ride

Each new year usually is a time of optimistic anticipation. It’s viewed by many as a fresh start to personal lives and for some hobbyists and dealers, also a fresh start for the rare coin market.

Works of Public Art: Buyer’s Guide to Modern Commemorative Half Dollars

By David Schwager For an affordable and accessible but surprisingly interesting and nuanced series, modern commemorative half dollars are well worth considering. Commemorative coins are works...

Capped Bust Half Dollar: Shaping American Commerce

By R.W. Julian If you own a Capped Bust half dollar dated between 1807 and 1836, there’s a good chance it was part of the...