Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Must-Know Tips to Avoid Gold Scams

Adding gold, silver or platinum bullion coins or ingots to an investment portfolio can be a smart choice, but knowing your seller can be...

Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation Joins Forces with CrimeDex

The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) has been granted membership into CrimeDex, the world’s largest criminal investigation network composed of more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies,...

How You Can Combat Counterfeiting

By R.W. Julian The hobby of numismatics is at a crossroads. The increasing number of counterfeits in the marketplace calls for strong responses, the first...

ANA Seminar: Tips For Avoiding Counterfeits

(Rosemont, Illinois) – Former American Numismatic Association authenticator, grader and instructor, Dr. Michael Fuljenz, will give expert advice about counterfeits in the marketplace during...

COINage Confidential: Beth Deisher

In January of 2017 Beth Deisher was asked by coin industry leaders to leave retirement to lead an effort to combat counterfeit coins entering the United States. She is currently serving as director of anti-counterfeiting and coordinates the work of the all-volunteer 36-member Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force, supported entirely by donations and the 501-C-3 Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation.  

Is Your Gold Fake?

Gold prices may have come down, but that hasn't stopped counterfeiters. Apparently they believe it's still worth their while to manufacture fake gold and...